Marketing and Customer Value Quiz

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20 Questions

What is the main focus of relationship marketing?

Which segment of the external environment includes changing demographics, values, religion, and buying behaviors?

What is the primary goal of customer relationship management (CRM)?

How does the technological environment impact marketing?

In service marketing, what are examples of products with intangible features?

What is the formula for determining value as per the text?

What are the four kinds of utility that marketing strives to provide?

What is the definition of marketing provided by the American Marketing Association?

What is the main difference between form utility and possession utility as per the text?

What is the role of consumer marketing as per the text?

What is the starting point for attracting qualified new employees?

What reflects the organization’s investment in attracting, retaining, and motivating an effective workforce?

Which activity is directed at attracting, developing, and maintaining an effective workforce?

What are the two results of a job analysis within an organization?

What is critical for effective organizational functioning?

What is the primary purpose of job analysis?

Which method involves listing each important managerial position, the occupant, and the expected duration in the role before moving on?

What type of information do skills inventories contain?

What is the first step in staffing a company with new employees?

How can shortfalls in staffing be managed according to the text?


Test your knowledge of marketing and customer value with this quiz. Explore the concepts of delivering value, benefits, and the definition of marketing according to the American Marketing Association.

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