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If a boiler ignition system on a merchant vessel uses a gas pilot light, which fuel oil ignition method is being employed?

A high energy electric spark

What could be a potential consequence of using lube oil that has not been properly filtered?

Clogging of fuel injectors in the diesel engine

In a diesel engine, what effect could a decrease in the fuel pump delivery pressure have on engine performance?

Increase in injection lag

When operating in parallel, diesel engines driving alternators must maintain a set frequency. What does the governor characteristic 'Promptness' refer to in this context?

Quick response to load variations

What issue could lead to excessive vibration in an automatically fired auxiliary boiler?

Mechanical rigidity in the lube pump mechanism

After filtering lube oil, what contaminant would typically not be removed?

Fuel/Diesel oil

What should you do if it becomes necessary to reduce the feed water temperature below 165°F in an evaporator?

Secure the evaporator until the feedwater temperature can be raised to 165°F or more

What do exhaust pyrometer readings provide an indication of?

Amount of fuel penetration into the engine cylinders

When should fuel combustion in a diesel engine cylinder begin?

End when fuel injection has been completed

Which type of filter will deplete the additives in lubricating oil?

Absorbent filter

What is it called when a change in engine speed is required before a governor can make a corrective movement of the fuel rack?

Speed droop

What will be the result of reducing the clearance between a valve stem and rocker arm?

Decreased valve opening time

Why must diesel engines driving alternators operating in parallel maintain a set frequency regardless of load changes?

To maintain grid stability

What could be a likely cause of excessive vibration in an automatically fired auxiliary boiler?

Combustion pulses

In a diesel engine starting circuit, what would an indicator using a pneumercator primarily measure?

Tank fluid level

When using a dry uncoated sounding rod or tape to measure water depth in a reserve feed water tank, what kind of reading can be expected?

Satisfactory with floating oil on the surface

Where does contaminated oil enter the centrifuge in a disk type centrifugal purifier?

At the bottom through the oil inlet

Why is condensate pumped from the condenser to the DC heater instead of directly to the boiler?

To increase feedwater temperature gradually

Test your knowledge on marine engineering by answering questions about what to do when feed water temperature drops below 165°F and interpreting exhaust pyrometer readings.

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