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Which of the following statements about Africa's land area is true?

It is second only to Asia in terms of land area.

Which of the following African countries has the largest population?


How many African nations have populations below 20 million?

Most African nations

What strategy did Saham Finances adopt to expand its business across Africa?

Buying stakes in existing insurance firms in various African countries

What was one of the key reasons Saham Finances chose to expand into sub-Saharan Africa?

The potential to serve clients with limited access to insurance

Why did Saham Finances partner with Sanlam in their African expansion strategy?

To combine their footprints and have a broader presence in Africa

What type of businesses is Saham Finances' parent group focusing on after selling the insurance arm?

Building a pan-African investment fund for future-oriented businesses

What is the significance of Coca-Cola in the context of pan-African expansion?

It has been present in Africa for over 25 years

What was the main reason for the merger between Saham Finances and Sanlam?

To combine efforts for broader coverage across Africa.

What was the key factor driving Saham's decision to expand into sub-Saharan Africa?

Significant growth opportunities due to low insurance penetration.

According to the passage, what is the main reason given for making a company's African presence broad rather than narrow?

To diversify risk across multiple countries in case some markets face instability

Which of the following statements best describes Saham's approach to local operations, according to the passage?

Saham allows local managers freedom to decide strategies for their markets

What does the passage suggest about the risk profile of companies operating in multiple African countries?

Risk typically diminishes after succeeding in the first few African countries

Which of the following can be inferred from the global resources company executive's statement about operating in Africa?

The company has been operating successfully in Africa for over 20 years

What was the main reason for Saham's successful expansion into various African markets?

Technology-driven back-office systems

What strategy did Saham adopt when faced with the economic crisis in Angola?

Ramping up sales to business customers

What factor helped Attijariwafa Bank expand its operations successfully across Africa?

Embracing a new role in banking services

What differentiated Attijariwafa Bank's expansion strategy from traditional banking approaches?

Providing services to informal companies and individuals who did not bank

How did most of the large firms in the survey sample plan to approach geographic expansion over the next five years?

Expand to more countries within Africa

What was the major differentiator between Saham's and Attijariwafa Bank's expansion strategies?

Acquisition of local insurance companies vs. new role in banking services

What was the clear vision articulated by Coca-Cola at the beginning of the century?

To make sure there's a Coca-Cola beverage accessible to every consumer who wants one

Why did Coca-Cola prioritize Africa for growth in 2000?

Due to the low per capita consumption of Coca-Cola products compared to other emerging markets

What strategy did Coca-Cola employ to expand its presence in Africa?

Letting its Africa leadership team take risks and make bold moves

How did Coca-Cola view its expansion strategy in Africa?

Risky, with potential for high rewards

What was one of the key navigation tools provided for mastering Africa's geographical complexity according to the text?

Set a clear aspiration to guide expansion strategy

Why was it considered bold for Coca-Cola to open a bottling plant in Angola during a civil war?

Because other companies left Angola during the civil war

Which factor contributed to Coca-Cola's decision to acquire a bottling plant in Zimbabwe during hyperinflation and recession?

The high demand for beverages during hyperinflation

According to the passage, what is the main reason behind Tayo Oviosu's decision to focus on Nigeria for Paga's expansion?

Nigeria has a large untapped market potential.

According to the analysis of banks' performance, which group of banks has performed better in terms of revenue growth and return on equity (ROE)?

National champion banks focused on their home markets.

What is the primary reason cited for Western firms being more cautious in their expansion strategies in Africa compared to their African and Chinese counterparts?

Higher risk aversion and conservative approach.

According to Huang Shiyi of CGCOC, what has been a 'huge business advantage' for the company's operations in Africa?

Autonomy from the company's headquarters in making decisions.

Which of the following statements best describes Saham's approach to managing its operations across different African countries?

Saham provides its country managers with a high degree of autonomy.

According to the passage, what is one of the key factors that has enabled CGCOC's bold expansion strategy in Africa?

Willingness of the company's headquarters to let the Africa business take risks.

What role does Saham's headquarters play in supporting its country operations, according to the passage?

Provides technology-driven back-office support.

Based on the information provided, which statement best describes the potential market for mobile payments in Nigeria?

The market has significant untapped potential for growth.

Learn about strategic planning for operating across Africa, including travel times and routes between major cities. Explore the challenges of traveling within Africa and how to plan a successful strategy for business operations across the continent.

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