Maneka Gandhi v.Union of India: Natural Justice Principles Quiz

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What do article 14 and article 21 of the Indian constitution guarantee?

Equality before law and protection of life and personal liberty

What change in interpretation occurred after the Maneka Gandhi v. Union of India case regarding article 21?

Article 21 now protects against unfair actions of the legislative as well

What did the passport authorities do to the appellant in the case?

Impounded her passport without providing a reason

Which article of the Indian constitution did the appellant challenge the actions of the authorities under?

Article 21

Where did the aggrieved party file a writ petition challenging the actions of the authorities?

Supreme Court

What fundamental rights were being violated according to the appellant regarding the impounding of her passport?

Rights guaranteed under article 21

What rights did the court find were infringed in the case related to section 10(3) c of the Passports Act, 1967?

Protection of life and personal liberty

In the case of A.K.Gopalan, what fundamental right was being challenged by the petitioner?

Freedom of movement

What was the main issue of argument in A.K.Gopalan's case?

Whether due process of law is similar to procedure established by law

In which case was the scope of 'personal liberty' expanded beyond physical restraint?

Maneka Gandhi's case

What did the Supreme Court do in Maneka Gandhi's case regarding A.K.Gopalan’s case?

Overruled it

Which article of the Constitution deals with 'equality before law'?

Article 14

Test your knowledge on the basic principles of natural justice as enshrined in the constitution of India through this quiz focusing on the landmark case of Maneka Gandhi v.Union of India. Explore concepts related to fundamental rights under articles 14 and 21, including 'equality before law' and 'protection of life and personal liberty'.

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