Managerial Roles and Responsibilities

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What is one of the decisional roles mentioned in the text?

Disturbance handler

What is one of the responsibilities of a manager in the context of unexpected events?

Initiate corrective action

What is one way managers utilize their authority?

To monitor resource implementation

Which role involves making important negotiations within an organization?


In terms of management theory, when did much of what we know today as management theory develop?

Late 19th century

What was the average number of employees in a manufacturing organization around 1890?

<4 employees

What was one of the key principles associated with Taylorism?

Hierarchical structures

According to Taylor, how could increased production be achieved?

Specializing work tasks and rewarding specialists

What distinguished scientific management, as advocated by Taylor, from previous work practices?

Using systematic scientific principles

How did Taylor view the role of management in relation to work activities?

To scientifically analyse and determine the best way

What did Taylor emphasize in terms of worker training?

Training workers on prescribed methods

Why did Taylor argue against leaving choices to the workers in completing their tasks?

To ensure efficiency through systematic principles

What was the primary focus of scientific management?

Efficiency and getting things right

In the latter part of the twentieth century, what did management theorists primarily emphasize for organisations to gain competitive advantage?

Cost and differentiation

What was the key focus that led to the development of responsive and flexible organisations in the latter part of the twentieth century?

Empowering and engaging employees

What aspect gained greater emphasis in organisations towards the end of the twentieth century?

Integration of organisational parts

How did organisations aim to release entrepreneurial and creative behaviors while becoming responsive and flexible?

By downsizing and empowering employees

Which concept became particularly important for gaining competitive advantage in management models towards the end of the twentieth century?

Value chain and supply chain

Which approach focused on work methods, structure, rules, and procedures in management?

Classical management theorists

What did the human relations school of thought mainly focus on?

Group work, motivation, and leadership

Which management school believed that the best management approach is determined by the situation or environment?

Third management school

What marked the shift in attention by management scholars in the latter part of the twentieth century?

Organizational effectiveness

What was a key belief held by many earlier management scholars regarding finding the best way to manage?

Identifying universal laws of management like the physics law of gravity

Which theory emphasized that management is essentially a variable dependent on context or situation?

Contingency theory

What factor influences a manager's pull towards efficiency or differentiation?


In what type of organisation structure is a bureaucratic style of management favored?

Hierarchical organization

What aspect of managers' roles is influenced by their management style?

Decision-making process

Which type of management style involves making decisions unilaterally?


What influences the preferred management style of a manager?

Personal values and beliefs

How are management styles categorized in terms of decision-making authority?

By autocracy vs. permissiveness

Explore the various roles and responsibilities of managers in organizations, including seeking opportunities, initiating projects, dealing with unexpected events, allocating resources, and making organizational decisions.

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