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Who is considered the father of scientific management?


What does Fordism refer to?

Mass production and task specialization

Which theory identifies negative and positive thoughts of managers toward their workers?

Theory X and Theory Y

What is the primary focus of management functions?

Harmonizing and administering people, tasks, and functions

What is the primary responsibility of a manager?

Overseeing, nourishing, upholding, and assuring responsibilities

Which managerial skill involves the ability to relate with people within the organization?

Human skills

What is the primary responsibility of the middle management (tactical manager)?

Communicating between top and lower management

According to Mintzberg, which managerial role involves activating and motivating the people working within the organization?


What is a characteristic of charismatic leaders?

Dominance and self-confidence

Which approach is commonly used when there is lack of accurate information?

Participation and involvement

What does transformational leadership involve?

Charisma, individualized attention, and intellectual stimulation

Which approach may put senior managers at risk but is considered essential for prompt execution?

Explicit and implicit coercion

What is the role of a spokesperson in an organization?

To convey the views and opinions of the organization

Which managerial skill involves the ability to perform a specialized task using a certain method or process?

Technical skills

What is the role of a disturbance handler in an organization?

To maintain unexpected circumstances and unwanted pressures

What is the purpose of simple frequency count as a planning tool for managers and commanding officers?

To prioritize problems that need to be addressed

Test your knowledge of managerial roles in organizations with this quiz. Identify the responsibilities and functions of different managerial roles such as liaison, informational roles, decision-making, and resource allocation.

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