Male Genital System - Accessory Genital Ducts I

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What type of epithelium lines the ampulla, which is the terminal dilated part of the vas deferens?

Simple columnar

Which gland produces a thick yellow slightly alkaline secretion containing nutrient material (fructose) for the sperms?

Seminal vesicle

What forms the internal sphincter of the bladder and surrounds the first part of the urethra?

Smooth muscle layer

Which gland is compound tubulo-alveolar and contains small alveolar glands arranged in three layers?

Prostatic gland

Which duct is lined by a uniform pseudostratified columnar epithelium containing sterocilia?

Ductus epididymis

Which accessory genital duct serves as a storage duct where spermatozoa mature and become motile?

Rete testis

Which duct has a thick muscular coat and a relatively narrow lumen?

Vas deferens

Which duct carries a viscous secretion that serves as nutritive material for sperm?

Ductus epididymis

What structures open into the posterior margin of the urethra?

Prostatic gland and Seminal vesicle

What is the cause of senile prostatic enlargement (benign prostatic hyperplasia)?

Precipitation of secretory material inside acini

Where is the site of origin for most benign prostatic hyperplasia?

Main (peripheral zone) glands

In which structures does malignant prostatic cancer primarily affect?

Seminal vesicle and Prostatic acini

This quiz covers the intratesticular ducts of the male genital system, including tubuli recti, rete testis, and vasa efferentia. Learn about the histology and function of these structures.

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