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What is the symbol for Magnetomotive force?


Who introduced the unit of Gilbert for magnetic properties?

William Gilbert

What is the SI unit for magnetic flux density?

Tesla (T)

What does the nucleus of an atom contain?

Protons and neutrons

Which scientist is associated with the unit of Maxwell (Mx) for magnetic properties?

James Clerk Maxwell

What do valence electrons control in an atom according to the text?

Chemical and electrical properties

According to Gauss's law for electricity, how can the electric field due to electric charges be derived?

By Coulomb's Law

What does Gauss’ law for magnetism state about the net magnetic flux through any closed surface?

It is always zero

According to Ampere’s law, what can produce magnetic fields apart from electric currents?

Changing electric fields

What property do particles need to possess in order for the electromagnetic field to exert a force on them?

Electric charge

In electromagnetism, what does Faraday’s law of induction describe?

Production of electric fields due to changing magnetic fields

What does Gauss’s law for magnetism say about the behavior of magnetic field lines within a closed surface?

They form closed loops entering and exiting the surface

What is the phase shift angle when the power factor is 0.95?


What is the current through the motor when the power factor is 0.95 and R = 6.0 amp?

7.6 A cos 38.09

What is magnetomotive force (mmf) analogous to in electric circuits?

Electric voltage (emf)

What are the forces between magnets primarily caused by?

Moving electric charges in atoms

What is the total field effect or 'substance' of a magnetic field analogous to in electric circuits?

Magnetic flux

What material were the first known magnets made of?

Lodestones (Fe3O4)

Test your knowledge on units related to magnetic properties such as magnetomotive force, magnetic flux, magnetic field strength, reluctance, permeability, and different unit conversions. Learn about notable figures in the field of magnetism like William Gilbert, Hans Christian Ørsted, and James Clerk Maxwell.

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