Lung Volumes and Capacities Physiology Quiz

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What is the ratio of FEV1 to FVC in obstructive lung diseases?

1L/5L = 20%

Which lung function test is used to assess timed vital capacity?

Volume-time curve

What is the normal respiratory minute volume for males?


Which lung function characteristic is typical of restrictive lung diseases?

3L/4L = 75%

What does the flow-volume loop help differentiate between?

Obstructive and restrictive lung diseases

Where is blood flow lowest in the lung according to the zones described?

Zone 1

In which zone does blood flow show a 5-fold difference between the top and bottom of the lung?

Zone 2

What happens to both airflow and blood flow as one moves down the lung?


Where is the VA/Q ratio optimal for gas exchange?

Middle of the lung

What characterizes the apical alveoli with regards to perfusion?

More under perfused

In which zone is ventilation proportionately greater than blood flow?

Zone 3

What is the volume of air that never takes part in gas exchange areas?

Anatomical dead space

In a healthy individual, what is physiological dead space approximately equal to?

Anatomical dead space

What is the formula to calculate pulmonary ventilation?

Tidal volume - Dead space x Respiratory rate

Which type of dead space involves the volume of air in the alveoli that are nonfunctioning?

Alveolar dead space

If a patient's respiratory rate doubles, how would this affect alveolar ventilation?

It would increase

What is the significance of understanding the ventilation-perfusion ratio in different parts of the lung?

It helps in understanding lung diseases better

Test your knowledge on lung volumes, capacities, and related concepts in physiology. Learn about labeled spirograms, normal values of lung volumes and capacities, respiratory minute volume, maximum voluntary ventilation, FEV1, and their clinical significance.

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