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What type of room did the couple book at the London Bridge Hotel?

What did the couple order for dinner during their flight?

Where did the couple plan to visit first before traveling to Devon and Cornwall?

What was the cost per night of the double room at the hotel?

What dessert did the couple order during their flight?

What did the couple do when their luggage did not arrive with them?

What difficulty did the couple encounter after arriving in London?

What did the couple want to see in the West End?

What was the first place the couple planned to visit in London?

What city were they planning to visit after London?


  • A couple from Nashville, Tennessee are making a hotel reservation at London Bridge Hotel for their two-week vacation in England.
  • They plan to visit London first and then travel to Devon and Cornwall to see their family.
  • The hotel offers them a choice between a double room and a king-sized room with a balcony hot tub.
  • They decide to splurge and book the king-sized room.
  • The cost of the double room is 128 pounds a night, and the king-sized room is 352 pounds a night.
  • The couple is excited about their trip and are looking forward to experiencing English culture and food.
  • During their flight, they order pork sausages and beans for dinner and treacle sponge for dessert.
  • Their luggage does not arrive with them, and they go to the baggage service counter to report it as lost.
  • After a brief wait, their luggage is located and they are relieved.
  • Upon arrival at the hotel, they are checked in quickly and are shown to their room with a balcony hot tub and a view of London's center.
  • They make plans to sightsee, starting with the Tower of London and Camden Market, and hope to see shows in the West End.
  • They intend to visit the Natural History Museum and the Victoria and Albert Museum.
  • They encounter difficulty finding the bus to Piccadilly Circus, but a kind local helps them get on the right bus.- The speaker and another person are discussing travel options and deciding to take it easy for the day.
  • They are in a hotel, and the speaker is feeling exhausted after walking 19,872 steps the previous day, resulting in sore feet.
  • They order room service for breakfast, requesting poached eggs on brown bread, scrambled eggs, and a latte coffee.
  • While out shopping for souvenirs, they find a store with high-quality items, including a wine glass holder with bee feeders, a novelty Paddington Bear, and London pencil cases filled with stationery.
  • The total cost of the items purchased is £42.48.


Experience the journey of a couple from Nashville, Tennessee as they make a hotel reservation at London Bridge Hotel, explore the city's landmarks, encounter travel mishaps, and indulge in English cuisine and shopping for souvenirs.

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