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What is the key characteristic of prudence?

Carefulness in decision-making

Which concept of justice focuses on achieving future social benefits through punishment?

Restorative justice

What principle does retributive justice adhere to?

Equal reciprocity

In distributive justice, what is the focus of proper allocation?

Power distribution

Which approach of justice is described as exercising an authoritarian and tyrannical interpretation of law?

Oppressive law

What is the central idea behind utilitarianism in the context of justice?

Moral actions determined by outcomes

'Life for life, wound for wound, stripe for stripe' best represents the principle of which form of justice?

Retributive justice

Which form of justice emphasizes repairing harm by bringing together offenders and victims?

Restorative justice

What is the hallmark of oppressive law in terms of legislation?

Authoritarian interpretation unrelated to justice

What is the ultimate aim of distributive justice?

Fair allocation among individuals

Test your understanding of the two types of logic: inductive and deductive reasoning, as well as the relationship between ethics and law. Explore how logic helps in structurally sound thinking and decision-making.

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