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Which one of the following is an outcome expected at the end of the lecture on Lifespan Developmental Psychology (PSY201)?

What is the main focus of Module 2: Nature and Issues in Developmental Psychology?

What is the primary objective of the book 'Lifespan Development: A Psychological Perspective' by Martha Lally and Suzanne Valentine-French?

In Lifespan Developmental Psychology, what does the term 'multi-directional nature of development' refer to?

What is the specific focus of the learning outcome 'Explain the historical theories on development' in the lecture on Lifespan Developmental Psychology?


Test your knowledge of lifespan developmental psychology with this quiz. Explore the nature and issues in developmental psychology, drawing from the second edition of "Lifespan Development: A Psychological Perspective" by Martha Lally and Suzanne Valentine-French. This quiz covers key concepts taught in the PSY 201 course, led by Associate Professor Tajuddeen Sa’ad.

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