Lesson 14: Supranational Cooperation in the EU Worksheet

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Why do some Western European businesses move manufacturing to poorer EU countries?

To take advantage of lower labor costs in those countries

What is the main purpose of a Common Market?

To promote free movement of goods and services among member countries

Which TWO ways does the EU government use to unite Europe?

Promoting a single currency and allowing free movement of goods and people

What does the European flag symbolize with its design of 12 yellow stars on a blue background?

The number of founding members of the EU

When is Europe Day celebrated annually?

May 9th

This worksheet focuses on assessing the understanding of lesson 14 on supranational cooperation in the EU. Students are required to answer questions based on the definitions and concepts covered in pages 212-223 of the lesson material. The assignment must be completed and submitted by the end of the day.

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