Leavell and Clark's Agent-Host-Environment Model and Levels of Prevention Quiz

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According to Florence Nightingale, how did nurses contribute to patient recovery?

By performing tasks for the patient and controlling the patient's environment

How does Jean Watson view a person?

As a holistic entity with interconnected body, mind, and soul

What does Katie Eriksson state about the human being?

The human being consists of body, mind, soul, and spirit

According to Dorothea Orem, what defines a person?

A person is a total being with universal, developmental needs capable of self-care

In Imogene King's view, how do individuals differ?

Individuals are unique and holistic in nature

According to Sister Calista Roy, how does a man exist?


According to Dorothy Johnson, how many subsystems does a man have as a behavioral system?


Who believes that the goal of adaption is the conservation of wholeness?

Hildegard Peplau

According to Lydia Hall, what kind of individual is a human being?


What does Virginia Henderson believe is inseparable?

Mind and body

According to Madeleine Leininger, what characterizes a human being?

Capable of being concerned about others

Who views clients as participants in the transformative process?

Margaret Newman

Which classification of diseases results from changes in the normal structure?


What type of illnesses are described as having no anatomical changes to account for the symptoms present?


Which factor is NOT listed as a behavioral factor contributing to diseases?


What does the term 'venereal' usually refer to in terms of diseases?

Diseases acquired through sexual relations

'Familial' diseases occur in which group of individuals?

In individuals from the same family

'Epidemic' diseases typically affect which group of people?

Overcrowded communities

What is the main focus of primary prevention?

Maintaining or improving general health

What is the main goal of tertiary prevention?

Rehabilitation rather than diagnosis and treatment

Which stage of illness involves seeking advice and support for the decision to give up some activities?

Assumption of sick role

In Leavell and Clark's Agent-Host-Environment model, what does the 'HOST' refer to?

Persons who may or may not be affected by a disease

At what stage of illness does a person start experiencing physical symptoms like fever and muscle aches?

Symptom experience

What is the main focus of secondary prevention?

Diagnosis and prompt intervention

Test your knowledge on Leavell and Clark's Agent-Host-Environment Model which discusses factors affecting health and illness, such as agents, hosts, and environments. The quiz also covers the three levels of prevention: primary, secondary, and tertiary.

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