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______ assumption that leaders are born with innate qualities and that renowned leaders are destined to lead. This theory was developed by Thomas Caryle and formulated by analysing the behaviour of renowned men, especially military leaders.

______ focuses on innate attributes and characteristics that a person possesses. This theory believes that leaders possess certain positive traits that enable them to become leaders. Developed by Ralph Stogdill.

______ TRAITS Adaptable to situations Alert to social environment Ambitious and achievement oriented Assertive Cooperative Decisive, dependable, persistent Dominant (desire to influence others) Energetic (high activity level) Self-confident Tolerant of stress Willing to assume responsibility Four Primary traits that leaders should possess a. Emotional stability-a leader is calm and confident b. Ability to admit error-a leader does not cover up his or her mistakes and takes responsibility for them. SKILLS Clever Conceptually skilled creative diplomatic Fluent in speaking Knowledgeable about group tasks Organized (administrative ability Persuasive Socially skilled c. Good interpersonal skills-a leader is able to communicate and persuade other d. Intellectual breadth a leader is broad-minded and is knowledgeable about a wide range of areas.

______ place more emphasis on the behaviour of leaders rather than their innate qualities.


Test your knowledge of leadership theories and styles with this quiz. Explore concepts such as the Great Man theory and Trait theory, and understand how these theories have shaped our understanding of leadership. Delve into the key ideas formed by influential figures in leadership studies.

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