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Which step should a leader take first to improve their leadership ability?

Identify their current style

According to Theory X, managers believe that people:

Are inherently lazy and dislike work

In Theory Y, what is stated about the expenditure of effort in work?

It is considered as natural as play or rest

What does Contingency Theory or Situational Leadership Theory attempt to explain?

Why leaders may fail in new situations despite past success

Which model of leadership emphasizes the importance of understanding different situations for effective leadership?

Contingency Theory

What is a key characteristic of participative leadership?

Involving subordinates in decision-making processes

What is the main difference between exploitative and benevolent authoritative management styles?

The exploitative style views workers as tools, while the benevolent style takes a paternalistic approach.

In the Directing or Telling leadership style, what is typically involved?

Close supervision and giving directions

In consultative management, what is the role of the manager in decision-making?

The manager seeks opinions and advice but retains decision-making authority.

What aspect of leadership models do personal traits focus on?

Personal characteristics of the leader

Which leadership style involves listening, providing support, and encouraging followers' efforts?


According to Hersey and Blanchard, good leaders should adapt their leadership styles based on the __________ of their subordinates.

Maturity and willingness

Which trait does Jim Rohn believe an effective leader should have based on the text?


What factor makes it challenging to come up with an exact list of leadership traits?

Cultural differences

Which leadership model by R.Tannenbaum and W.Schmidt ranges between completely autocratic and democratic styles?

Continuum of Leadership

In the Consultative Leadership style, what is typically done before making decisions?

Gathering data, defining problems, seeking solutions

In participative leadership, where is the responsibility for decision-making placed?

On staff members with guidance from management

What is the key factor that determines the leadership approach in the Seven Degrees of Freedom model?

Level of control exerted by the leader

Take this quiz to test your knowledge of the four different leadership styles: Delegating, Supporting, Coaching, and Directing. Learn how these styles differ in their approach to giving directions and interacting with team members.

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