Leadership and Teamwork in the Firehouse

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What is the main focus of the chapter?

What should be avoided in order to encourage brotherhood in the firehouse?

What can make it difficult to work with people?

What should be left at home in order to maintain a professional environment at the firehouse?

What should people do in order to avoid making assumptions?

What should leaders be like for their crew?

How should leaders spend their time at the firehouse?

Why is eating together as a crew important?

How should leaders interact with their crew?

How should leaders be present for their crew?

What is the best way to build relationships with others?

How can respect be earned from a crew?


  • The chapter focuses on encouraging a family atmosphere in the firehouse.
  • It is important to avoid conflict and encourage brotherhood.
  • People with inconsistent personalities can be difficult to work with.
  • It is important to control emotions and leave personal baggage at home.
  • People should communicate with each other and avoid making assumptions.
  • Leaders should be like a parent figure for their crew.
  • Leaders should spend time working with their crew and not spend too much time in their office.
  • Eating together as a crew is important for bonding.
  • Leaders should interact with their crew on a personal level.
  • Leaders should be present for their crew and help them achieve their goals.
  1. Use positive reinforcement and sandwich negative feedback between positives.
  2. Keep to-do lists short and prioritize important tasks.
  3. Value everyone's opinions and demonstrate putting ideas into practice.
  4. Change your words to change your relationship with someone.
  5. Build relationships by finding common ground and showing sincere interest.
  6. Work side by side with your crew and participate in the firefight.
  7. Reward hard work and make your crew feel like a family.
  8. Praise in public and punish in private.
  9. Remember that words can hurt and be mindful of how you say things.
  10. Earn respect by working with your crew and valuing their contributions.


Do you want to improve your leadership skills in the firehouse and create a more cohesive team atmosphere? Take this quiz to learn valuable tips on how to communicate effectively, build relationships, and motivate your crew. Discover the importance of positive reinforcement, prioritizing tasks, and valuing everyone's opinions. Learn how to avoid conflict and encourage brotherhood, while also controlling emotions and leaving personal baggage at home. Take this quiz to become a better leader and create a strong, supportive family environment in your firehouse

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