Latin & Greek Roots & Affixes Vocabulary Lesson

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What is the meaning of the Latin root 'liber'?

What is the minimum unit with meaning that cannot be broken down any further?

Based on the provided text, what does the prefix 'in' mean?

In the word 'democracy,' what does the root 'crac' mean?

What does the suffix '-ty' mean as explained in the text?

Which affix can be added to words to change their meaning?

Which of the following prefixes means 'before'?

What does the prefix 'un-' typically signify when added to a word?

What does the suffix '-able' signify in a word?

If you add the suffix '-logy' to the root 'bio', what word would you form?


Explore the origins of words and expand your vocabulary by learning about Latin and Greek roots and affixes. Discover how words are formed and their meanings through dissecting their components.

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