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What was the specific demand made by Philip Randolph to President Roosevelt?

To open wartime job contracts to black applicants.

What was the primary role of the NACA, as described in the text?

Conducting scientific research in aeronautics.

Why did Melvin Butler spread the word throughout colleges and universities in the South?

To attract black math graduates to work at Langley.

What was the pressing need for support staff at Langley laboratory as mentioned in the text?

To assist engineers in checking every plane prototype.

Why were mathematicians mostly women during this time period as mentioned in the text?

Because male students were encouraged to pursue careers in engineering instead of mathematics.

What was the significance of the metal sign affixed to a bathroom at Langley that read COLORED?

It indicated the presence of racial segregation at Langley during that time.

Why did Hampton, VA's segregation affect the workspace of the black women at Langley?

It led to the establishment of a separate workspace called West Area for the black women.

What does Shetterly's mention of army planes signify in the text?

It indicates that the story is not just about the forgotten computers, but also about the significance of Langley and its technology to the military.

What does Shetterly emphasize by positioning the events in her book within the greater context of American and African American history?

The parallel progress of racial integration and technological advancement during that time period.

What is indicated by Shetterly's spotlighting on the women who served as support staff rather than male physicists and engineers?

The overlooked contributions of women to aerospace technology development.

Test your knowledge about the hiring process at the Langley Memorial Aeronautical Laboratory during 1943 and the types of positions needed in the National Advisory Committee for Aeronautics (NACA).

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