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Gods and goddesses of Hindu

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What is Lakshmi known as in Hindu mythology?

Goddess of wealth, prosperity, and abundance

Why is Lakshmi often depicted standing or sitting on a lotus flower?

To symbolize purity and beauty

What is one belief associated with praying to Lakshmi?

Financial stability and success in business

Which festival involves welcoming Lakshmi into homes to bring wealth and happiness?


What is the significance of Saraswati holding a veena, a book, prayer beads, and a lotus flower?

Symbolizing knowledge, music, learning, and purity

What deity is known as the preserver of the universe in Hindu mythology?


Which goddess is recognized by names like Uma, Gauri, and Shakti?


Which deity is often depicted with a third eye on his forehead and a trident?


Who is known as the creator of the universe in Hindu mythology?


Which deity is often worshipped in the form of a lingam, symbolizing his energy and power?


Study Notes

Hindu Goddesses and Gods


  • Goddess of wealth, prosperity, and abundance
  • Often depicted with four arms, sitting or standing on a lotus flower, symbolizing purity and beauty
  • Believed to bring good luck, fortune, and prosperity to her devotees
  • Associated with generosity, fertility, and beauty
  • Worshipped during festivals like Diwali to bring wealth and happiness


  • Goddess of knowledge, learning, music, and the arts
  • Often depicted with four arms, holding a veena, a book, prayer beads, and a lotus flower
  • Revered by students, scholars, artists, and musicians for wisdom, creativity, and inspiration
  • Associated with the river of the same name, symbolizing the flow of knowledge and learning


  • Known as the divine mother and represents love, fertility, and devotion
  • Married to Lord Shiva and often depicted with symbols like the lotus flower, trident, and third eye
  • Portrayed as a caring and nurturing figure, embodying qualities of motherly love and resilience
  • Recognized by different names like Uma, Gauri, and Shakti

Hindu Trinity (Trimurti)


  • Known as the creator of the universe and often depicted with four faces and four arms
  • Associated with knowledge, creation, and creativity
  • Typically portrayed sitting on a lotus flower emerging from the navel of Lord Vishnu
  • Often depicted with a book, a rosary, and a water pot, symbolizing his role as the creator and source of knowledge


  • Known as the preserver of the universe and a kind and compassionate deity
  • Often depicted with blue skin and four arms, holding a conch shell, a discus, a mace, and a lotus flower
  • Role involves maintaining cosmic order and safeguarding the universe from malevolent forces
  • Believed to take on different earthly forms, known as avatars, to restore balance and righteousness


  • Known as the destroyer or the transformer and associated with meditation, asceticism, and destruction of evil
  • Typically depicted with a third eye on his forehead, a trident, a snake around his neck, and a crescent moon on his head
  • Also known for his role in the cycle of creation, preservation, and destruction
  • Often worshipped as a symbol of power, destruction of ignorance, and transformation

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