Kinetic Energy and Particle Intermixing Quiz

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What do we call the energy possessed by particles of matter due to their continuous movement?

Kinetic energy

How does the kinetic energy of particles change with an increase in temperature?


What do we call the phenomenon where particles of two different types of matter intermix on their own by getting into the spaces between the particles?


Why does diffusion become faster on heating?

Particles move faster

Which type of energy is associated with the attraction between particles of matter?

Potential energy

Study Notes

Kinetic Energy and Temperature

  • Particles of matter possess kinetic energy, which is the energy of motion.
  • As temperature rises, particles move faster, resulting in an increase in kinetic energy.


  • Diffusion is the intermixing of particles of two different types of matter on their own.
  • Particles diffuse by getting into the spaces between particles of the other substance.
  • Heating a substance increases the rate of diffusion.

Particle Attraction

  • Particles of matter attract each other, which is demonstrated through the human chain activity.

Test your knowledge on how particles of matter possess kinetic energy and intermix with each other as temperature increases. Understand the concept of particle intermixing between different types of matter.

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