Diffusion vs. Effusion

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Which gas causes the strong odor in rotten eggs?

Hydrogen sulfide

Why would Helen smell hydrogen sulfide first?

It has a lower molar mass

What factor primarily determines the relative diffusion rate of substances?

Molar mass

Which law is used to calculate the relative velocities of substances in diffusion?

Graham's law

How much longer would it take for Helen to smell sodium hypochlorite compared to hydrogen sulfide?

$1.48$ times longer

What does Kinetic Molecular Theory assume about gas particles?

They are in constant rapid motion.

In diffusion, the movement of atoms or molecules occurs through what kind of path?

A free path.

According to Graham's Law, the rate of effusion of a gaseous substance is inversely proportional to what?

The inverse square root of its molar mass.

How does the kinetic energy of gas particles affect the effusion rate?

Increases the effusion rate.

In the context of Graham's Law, why does a helium balloon deflate over time in a room with nitrogen and oxygen?

Helium particles have a lower molar mass than nitrogen and oxygen.

What is the main difference between diffusion and effusion?

Diffusion involves movement across a concentration gradient, while effusion involves escape through a small opening.

Which factor does NOT influence the rate of diffusion?

Type of gases involved

In the context of the text, what is the kinetic molecular theory?

A theory that matter is made of invisible moving particles in constant random motion.

Why does effusion occur in gases rather than liquids?

Gases have higher kinetic energy compared to liquids.

What is an example of effusion provided in the text?

Helium slowly escaping through a balloon's rubber barrier.

Explore the difference between diffusion and effusion, where diffusion involves the movement of particles across a concentration gradient, while effusion is the process of gas molecules escaping through a small opening. Learn about how these processes occur and their distinguishing factors.

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