Key Figures in Journalism Scholarship

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Who is considered the father of Journalism education?

In which country did journalism start to study in the mid-19th century?

Which German philosopher, economist, historian, and journalist is associated with the 19th and early 20th century German Theorists?

Who is credited as the founder of journalism as an academic discipline?

What does the term 'Macrosocial level' refer to in the context of journalism?

In the context of journalism, what does the 'Empirical Turn' refer to?

Which sociologist had a significant influence on journalism research during the 'Sociological Turn' (1970-1980)?

What is one area of critical engagement with journalism mentioned in the text?

What has made it easier for journalism researchers to meet with colleagues from afar?

Which publication was established in 1924 and later became Journalism & Mass Communication Quarterly?

In which areas do the fields of Social Science and Humanities focus, respectively?


Learn about key figures in the history of journalism scholarship and their contributions to the field. This quiz covers influential personalities such as James Carey, Hanno Hardt, Willard Beyer, and Robert Edward Prutz.

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