week 2 test#3

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Who filed a complaint with New York City's Commission on Human Rights at the age of 16?

In which sport did Phyllis Graber excel?

Which event marked a turning point in the distribution of prize money in women's tennis?

Who was the single dissenting vote in the Graber case?

What was Mary Meade's achievement before 1940?

What did Mary Meade feel did not need breaking?

Who was the chairwoman of the Commission on Human Rights when Phyllis Graber made her case?

Who filed the official complaint regarding the policy of the Board of Education?

What was the outcome of the hearing on the rights of women in February 1971?

What was the result of the passage of Title IX in 1972?


Test your knowledge of Kew Gardens, Queens in the 1960s and the unique experiences of Phyllis Graber, the only girl playing tackle football in Forest Park. Discover how her parents' concerns shaped her path towards a different sport in this engaging quiz.

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