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How many significant figures are there in the 3.400 g?

How many significant figures does the universal gas constant (R = 0.0821 L·atm/mol·K)?

How many electrons can fit in the fourth main shell?

Which of the following is an extensive property of matter?

Which will cause the mass of a metal block to increase?

When two materials that have different densities, like oil and water, encounter one another, they will

Which does NOT indicate a chemical change?

Mothballs are used as deodorizer and as pesticides. Upon exposing them in air for a few hours, they disappeared. Which of the following best explains the scenario?

Which of the following is described as having components that can be physically separated?

It is the statement that contains the result of the experiment and checks if the hypothesis is correct or not.

What is the most common isotope of hydrogen?

Which of the following is TRUE for C-13 isotope?

A certain radioisotope has a half-life of 9 days. What percentage of an initial mass of this isotope remains after 25 days? (no.15 reviewer)

Which of the following is NOT a possible set of quantum numbers?

Which is the correct arrangement for increasing affinity for electrons?

Which of the following atoms is the largest?

Which of the following oxides is likely to be basic in aqueous solution?

Fluorine is capable of forming covalent bonds with which of the following element?

Chromium is a member of which of the following?

What is an alloy?

Which element is a pale-yellow gas that reacts with water?

Which of the following is a chemical equation?

What is the name of the compound PCl₃?

What is the chemical formula of mercurous chloride?

Which of the following covalent compounds has a tetrahedral geometry?

Which of the following does NOT describe a nonpolar bond?

Which of the following is a polar molecule?

Which of the following statements is TRUE?

Polar molecules include which of these?


Which compound has the strongest intermolecular force of attraction?


Which of the following is NOT an indication of strong IMFA?

Determine the actual volume contained in a 50.0 mL volumetric flask given the following data:

Mass of water: 50.1227 g Density of water at 25°C: 0.99707 g/mL

At 25°C a gas expands from 30 kPa and 5.0 L to 70°C and 10 kPa. Calculate its final volume.

According to Revised DAO 04-36, the appropriate waste labels shall Include

What happens to the volume of a fully inflated balloon when it is taken outside on a cold day?

When water is heated in a beaker, bubbles of air form on the side of the glass before the water boils. This shows that

Liquid A has lower boiling point than liquid B. Which of the following is true about the boiling point of the solution formed upon mixing A and B?

It is the temperature at which solid and liquid coexist

All solid states are denser than their liquid states. However, water is unique because

How many atoms does a kilogram of copper (63.55 g/mol) metal have?

An analysis of a compound shows 62.04% C, 10.41% H, and 27.55% O. Which of the following is the most probably identity of the compound?

A 1.00 g sample of which compound will produce the greatest amount of carbon dioxide after complete combustion with excess oxygen?

Which procedure produces a 0.2 M solution of Na₂SO₄?

Which statement is TRUE?

A solution is _______ if more solute can dissolve in it

A solution contains 34.0% HClO₄ by mass. HClO₄ has a molar mass of 100.45 g/mol. The solution has a density of 1.242 g/mL. What is the molar concentration of this solution? (no. 49 reviewer)

A solution has been prepared by transferring 60 mL of 85% by volume H₃PO₄ and diluting it to 1.0 L. What is the concentration of the new solution?

Which of the following substances is not basic?

A 2.4 L of HNO₃ solution reacts with 63 mL of 1.9 N Ba(OH)₂ to produce a neutral solution. What is the molar concentration of the original HNO₃ solution? (no. 59 reviewer)

The following statements are TRUE about pH EXCEPT

A solution is prepared by adding 0.1 M H₂CO₃ and 0.1 M NaHCO₃. 0.01 mole HCl is added to 1 liter of the prepared solution. The pH of the resulting is close to? The pKa of H₂CO₃ is 6.37. (WALANG ANSWER AND EXPLANATION)

When NaCH₃COO hydrolyzes, the resulting solution is

When a strong acid reacts with a weak base during titration, the pH at the equivalence point is

A lab analyst dissolved 4.021 g of NaOH in water and made up the solution to 1L with water. He then pipetted 10.00 mL of this solution into a flask and titrated it with 0.050 M HCI solution from a burette. A volume of 20.32 mL of acid had been used at the endpoint. Examining this result, the lab supervisor could deduce that _____. (no. 58 reviewer)

The Kjeldahl method is the worldwide standard for calculating the protein content in a wide variety of materials ranging from human and animal food, fertilizer, waste water and fossil fuels. It consists of three steps: digestion, distillation, and titration. What element is being analyzed in Kjeldahl method?

In a galvanic cell, reduction occurs in the ____ while in an electrolytic cell, oxidation occurs in the ____.

Conductivity is the ability of a substance to

Column chromatography is based on the principle of _

Which of the following statements is correct?

The components of the mixture in column chromatography are eluted in order of

Why is it generally preferable to use absorbance as a measure of absorption rather than % transmittance?

What will you perform to know that atomic absorption spectrometer continues to work property

A student wants to improve the accuracy of a 9.40 mL liquid using a 100 mL graduated cylinder. Which of the following should he do

Statistical test that decides whether a datum from a given set could be rejected or NOT is the

An analysis of ore assays about 1.5% iron. What minimum sample mass should be taken if the relative error resulting from a 0.5-mg loss is not to exceed -0.2%? (WALA PANG ANSWER AND EXPLANATION)

For numbers 66-67. See question below.

For a concentration technique, the relationship between the measure signal, Smeas and the analyte's concentration, Ca, is given by equation Smeas = kCA + Sb,. Given the Smeas is 24.37 ‡ 0.02, Sb is 0.96 ‡ 0.02, and k is 0.186 ‡ 0.003 ppm-1

Question for #67: Calculate for the percent relative uncertainty for the analyte’s concentration.

Report the absolute uncertainty together with the analyte’s concentration.

For a concentration technique, the relationship between the measure signal, Smeas and the analyte's concentration, Ca, is given by equation Smeas = kCA + Sb,. Given the Smeas is 24.37 ‡ 0.02, Sb is 0.96 ‡ 0.02, and k is 0.186 ‡ 0.003 ppm-1

Which of the following focuses on Quality Management Systems?

It is a part of quality system that includes laboratory operations whose objective is to ensure that the data generated by the laboratory are of known accuracy to some stated, quantitative degree of probability.

Type of quality control sample used to evaluate the effects of sample matrices on the performance of an analytical method

Locating the adulterated portion of the lot for sampling is an example of _____.

The quantity of material which is assumed to represent a single population for sampling purposes

What is the name of RA 6969?

The responsibilities of chemists and chemical technicians embodied in the Code of Ethics include all EXCEPT

Type of analysis where the amounts of all constituents in the samples are determined.

Method consisting a set of instructions issued by a national standards body.

It is a detailed written instruction to achieve uniformity in the performance of a specific function.

Which of the following correctly describe/s the detection limit? (ANS. A C AND D)

Analytical methods or instruments' performance aim for

It accounts for all the other components in the mixture that are not under investigation.

When qualifying a working standard, what is the best type of reagent to use?

Requirements of a primary standard.

Which of the following is the most appropriate container for hexane?

What type of container should be used when handling or storing hydrogen fluoride?

the following acids and acid mixtures can be collected and placed in glass containers EXCEPT for

Glass container is NOT suitable for

Ammonia solution can be stored with the following chemicals EXCEPT

When working with concentrated acids except hydrofluoric acid, which of the following statements are TRUE? (ANS. A&B)

Which of the following is NOT a proper laboratory practice?

Which of the following is a treatment for HF burns?

If a fire extinguisher has a red body and a blue band, what is its content?

The following are proper practices in storing materials and equipment EXCEPT ONE.

Which of the following are possible routes of exposure of the hazardous effects of waste?

A solid waste management practice which refers to the controlled decomposition or organic matter by microorganisms, mainly bacteria and fungi, into a humus-like product.

In handling ethers, the following practices are correct except for one.

What is the type of chemical that can cause an allergic reaction in the airways following inhalation?

In order to property maintain chemical laboratory equipment one should perform the following EXCEPT

It is a hazardous waste characteristic which applies to wastes that have the potential to contaminate groundwater if improperly disposed of. These materials are regulated as hazardous waste due to their potential to leach out specific toxic substances in a landfill.

Mass ______.

What is the density of oxygen at 1 atm and 25°C?

What is the scientific notation of 0.0078 µg/mL of compound A?

A rectangular lot has a dimension of 11.5 by 8.2 feet, what is its area?

Convert 250 lb in SI unit

Calculate the % yield if 0.85g of aspirin is produced in the reaction of 1.000g salicylic acid with excess oxygen? Given: Acetic anhydride = 102.01// Acetyl salicylic acid = 180.15// Salicylic acid = 138.12// Acetid Acid = 60.05 (no. 43 reviewer)

Calculate the % yield when 0.5 mol of acetic acid reacts with 1 mol alcohol produces 0.25 mol of ethyl acetate (no. 44 reviewer)

How would you prepare 500.0 mL of 0.2500 M NaOH solution from a concentration of 1000

An exact amount of 0.8214g of KMnO4 (158 g/mol) was dissolved in water and made up to volume in a 500 mL vol vol flask (no. 47 reviewer)

Quantitative chemical analysis of weighing a sample usually of a separated and dried precipitate is called

When samples cannot be dried because they decompose at the temperatures necessary to drive off the water, the samples can be analyzed as

During electroplating of silver, silver ions in solution_____

Protium, the most common isotope of hydrogen has one proton and one electron. What is its mass?

What is the value of the universal gas constant in cal/mol-K?

A colorless liquid and a yellowish liquid were mixed in a test tube. Which of the following is incorrect?

Which of the following is TRUE?

Which of the following correctly describes H-3 and He-4?

Whose model illustrates that negative charges are scattered around an atom?

What is the wavelength of light (nm) if it has a frequency of 600 THz?

Which corresponds to the electron configuration 1s2,2s2,2p6?

Which group in the periodic table reacts with water at a slower rate to form basic hydroxide solutions?

Aqua regia is a/an

Which of the following is expected to have the lowest heat of vaporization?

Which of the following is expected to have the highest vapor pressure?

Which of the following will have the lowest viscosity?

Which of the following will need the highest work to increase its surface area?

What is the molar mass of an unknown gas if 1.60 g of that gas occupies a volume of 2.24 L at STP?

What is the partial pressure of methane in a 100-gram mixture of methane and argon (39.95 g/mol) if itis found that argon is 10% by mass and the total pressure is 250 torr?

The following are observed characteristics of gases EXCEPT

The total volume of an average adult lungs when expanded is about 6 liters. Calculate the pressure of oxygen inhaled if 0.05 mol of oxygen is needed to fully fill a pair of average adult lungs at a normal body temperature of 37 degree celsius

Tin(II) fluoride (156.7 g/mol) is often added to toothpaste as an ingredient to prevent tooth decay. What is the mass of fluoride (19 g/mol) in 24.6 g of tin(II) fluoride?

The empirical formula of a compound is CH. If the molar mass of this compound is about 78 g, what is its molecular formula?

For which compound are the empirical and molecular formulas the same?

Consider the combustion of butane C4H10 + O2 → CO2 + H2O where in a particular reaction, 5 mol of C4H10 are reacted with an excess of O2. Calculate the mol of CO2 formed.

For the reaction SO2 + O2 → SO3, what is the maximum weight of SO3 (80 g/mol) that can be produced from 40.0 g of SO2 (64 g/mol) and 8.0 g of O2 (32 g/mol)?

Ammonia is produced in according to the equation N2 + 3H2 → 2NH3. In a particular experiment, 0.25mol of NH3 is formed when 0.5 mol of N2 is reacted with 0.5 mol of H2. What is the percent yield?

A solution has 3x10-4 M Cu2+, convert this into ppm (Cu 63.55 g/mol).

How many grams of NaOH (40 g/mol) is needed to prepare 500 mL of 0.500 N solution of NaOH?

An exact amount of 0.8214 g of KMnO4 (158 g/mol) was dissolved in water and made up to volume in a 500-mL volumetric flask. A 2.00-mL portion of this solution was transferred to a 1000-mL flask and diluted. Then 10.00 mL of the diluted solution was transferred to a 250-mL flask and diluted to volume. What is the molar concentration of the final solution?

Which molecular geometry has the greater bond angle?

What is the name of the compound indicated? Pb(ClO)4

What is the other name for oil of vitriol?

From top to bottom down the periodic table?

From left to right across the periodic table?

Alcohols and carboxylic acids have -OH groups. What type of chemical bonding occurs between the oxygen and hydrogen atoms?

It is a result of instantaneous dipole in non-polar molecule?

Which among the following compounds has the lowest boiling point?

What IMFA is/are present in the compound indicated? H3C(CH2)3CHO

A cylinder containing a gas is compressed to half its original volume. What will happen to its pressure at constant temperature?

A 30-L gas initially has 110 kPa and 147 ℃. If its volume become 40 L and the pressure increased to 120 kPa, what is the new temperature (℃)?

What is the pressure (atm) of hydrogen if it has 0.412 mol at 16℃ in a 3.25L?

For numbers 151-152. Nitrogen gas can be prepared by passing gaseous ammonia over solid copper (II) oxide at high temperature. The other products of the reaction are solid copper and water vapor as shown in the reaction below.

NH3(g) + CuO(s) N2(g) + Cu(s) + H2O(g)

If 30.5 g of NH3, is reacted with 99.7 g of CuO, how much excess reactant will remain?

Based on the previous problem, how many grams of water vapor will be formed?

Which of the following is a chemical reaction?

A white powder is analyzed and found to contain 43.64% phosphorus and 56.36% oxygen by mass. The compound has a molar mass of 283.88 g. What is the molecular formula of the compound?

How many grams of potassium dichromate is required to prepare 250 ml of 0.1M solution of potassium dichromate? This solution is an oxidizing agent used in organic chemistry?

What is the molarity of 37% w/w hydrochloric acid? The density of 37% w/w HCl is 1.18g/mL

A polar solute usually dissolves in a polar solvent and a nonpolar solute usually dissolves in a nonpolar solvent. This is

The synthesis of ammonia from nitrogen and hydrogen is an exothermic reaction. Which of the following will favor the formation of ammonia?

Under the Brꬾnsted-Lowry concept of acids and bases, a base is a/an

Determine the concentration of H+ ions in apple cider vinegar if the pH was measured to 3.57.

In which of the following titrations does pH = 7.0 occur at the equivalence point?

A type of analysis in terms of sample size that can resolve fine-scale variations in chemical elements, as well as determine the presence and distribution of different phases in materials

An analyst determines that the analytical balance he used in a given analytical test is wrongly calibrated. Determine what type of error is represented.

It is a plot of an instrument’s readout vs. concentration, the data for which are the results of measuring a series of standard solutions prepared for the experiment.

It describes the policies and procedures the laboratory has to manage in relation to quality, or references where those procedures can be found. An essential requirement of ISO 9000 series of standards and ISO 17025.

An exposure limit that indicates the maximum average concentration to which workers can safely be exposed for a normal 8-hr workday or 48-hr workweek

are bulk materials that are partially packed into smaller units, such as bags or drums

Is comprised of identifiable units, which may bee assigned numbers

Refers to a single pile of material. Not in the form of separate permanently identifiable units

is a quantity of the material transferred on one occasion and covered by a single set of shipping documents

refers to quantity of material which is known or assumed to have been produced under uniform conditions

are portions of the material obtained from the lot/batch by using a sampling device

is the result of combined increments. In some cases, Laboratory samples are directly obtained from primary samples

results from a number of primary samples combined and mixed


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