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What does the ex-Google recruiter, Nolan Church, recommend job-seekers to do after applying for a job?

Send a follow-up message

How did DoorDash usually respond when applicants sent personalized messages after their application, according to Nolan Church?

Took calls with these applicants 90% of the time

Why does Nolan Church emphasize sending personalized messages after applying for a job?

To stand out from other applicants

What was the format that Nolan Church mentioned for company email addresses, especially for CEOs?

First name at company domain name dot com

According to Nolan Church, how did the company DoorDash usually respond to eager applicants who sent personalized messages?

They forwarded the messages to him

Test your knowledge about the importance of sending a follow-up message after applying for a job. Learn why it can make a difference in the application process based on insights from an ex-Google recruiter. See if you are aware of this crucial step that many job-seekers overlook.

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