Jammu & Kashmir State Board: Chapter-17 On the Move Again Quiz

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What festival are Dhanu's relatives celebrating?


What dish are Dhanu's mother, mami, and khaki busy making?


Who gives details of the loan taken by each family?


What routine have families like Dhanu's been following before the rainy season?

working on the lands of big farmers till Dushera

What happens by evening that changes everyone's mood?

the women and children begin to pack their luggage

What does the mukadam do during the meeting with the men?

gives details of the loan and explains plans for the next few months

What are the villagers given by the mukadam for their expenses?

some money as loan

Did all the farmers in Dhanu's village have their own land?


During what time of the year did Dhanu's family get work in the village?

During the rainy season

During what time did they not have work?

During the dry season

Do you know of any families like Dhanu's, who have to leave their villages for months in search of work?


Do you think farming can be done even without rain water? How?

Yes, through irrigation

If people in Dhanu's village did not leave the village in search of work, what difficulties would they face in their own village?

They would face financial difficulties and struggle to meet their basic needs

What happens when there is no rain in Dhanu's village that affects the farming?

No farming can be done

Test your knowledge on the chapter 'On the Move Again' from the Jammu & Kashmir State Board of School Education's curriculum. Questions cover the celebration of Dushera in Dhanu's village and the preparations for the festival.

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