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15 Questions

Who is named as men's T20 cricketer

Who is the Miss universe in 2022

First nuclear plants in India

ISRO headquarter is located

Fastest Indian to pick up 450 test wicket

India's first centre of excellence of online gaming is in

Which Indian film won the best foreign language Film award

Which team won the under 19 T20 title

Asia's largest helicopter manufacturing facility is in

Total number of satellite launched by India till now

India's first supercomputer is known as

The 75th Indian army day is celebrated on

Which country's president was chief guest at republic day of 2023

Which dam hold the largest water reservoir in India

Who is known as the father of Indian space program


Test your knowledge on famous personalities, significant milestones, and achievements in cricket, beauty pageants, nuclear energy, space research, and gaming in India.

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