Issues in Comparative Politics: What is Politics

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What is the main point about political decisions?

They are always public and authoritative.

In totalitarian societies, how do the public and private spheres typically compare?

Public sphere is very large, private life limited.

Why are many people indifferent to politics?

Because they value the private sphere more highly.

What characterizes actions within the private sphere?

Voluntary, unregulated, and not binding outside the group.

Why might political scientists not be interested in studying spending decisions at concerts or soccer matches?

Because these decisions are considered private and voluntary.

What is the main focus of this book?

The study of comparative politics

Why do some people hate politics?

It involves abuse of power, deceit, and manipulation

What does the author suggest about people's reactions to politics?

Most people react to politics with a mixture of sentiments

What does the author imply about the study of politics?

It involves understanding human decisions

What can politics be a force for?

Good as well as evil

What is the main focus of this book?

Comparative study of politics

How do some people view politics?

They view it with a range of sentiments

What is the study of political decisions called?

Political Science

Why do some people hate politics?

Because it involves abuse of power and deceit

What is the focus of Chapter 2 in the book?

The comparative study of politics

Explore the concept of politics and the different perspectives people have towards it, from those who love the excitement of political events to those who are fascinated by issues and their consequences, as well as those who dislike politics for setting groups and individuals against each other.

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