Islam Quiz - year 8

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Who is considered the most important prophet in Islam?

What is the meaning of the word 'Islam'?

What are the holy books that Muslims believe in?

How many Muslims are estimated to be living in Britain?

What was the key event in Muslim history known as when Muhammad and his followers left Mecca for Medina?

Who was one of the next leader of the Muslims after Muhammad's death?

What was the Pact of Omar and how did it affect non-Muslims living under Muslim rule?

How did Muhammad's relationship with the Jewish tribes in Medina change over time?

What are some of the similarities between Islamic and Jewish beliefs?

What role did the Angel Jibreel play in Muhammad's life according to the text?

What did Muhammad state as his belief in regards to God?

Whom did Muhammad believe he was descended from, and through which son?


Test your knowledge of Islam and the Muslim faith with this quiz! From the basic principles and beliefs to historical figures and practices, see how much you know about one of the world's major religions.

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