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RFID is not a low-energy technology used in IoT


NFC is not a major enabling technology for IoT


Cloud computing is not considered a supporting technology for IoT


Big Data is not utilized to maximize opportunities created by IoT


LTE-A is not a protocol used in IoT networking


Study Notes

IoT Technologies

  • IoT exploits standard protocols and networking technologies, but uses specific technologies to support its unique networking functionality.

Enabling Technologies

  • RFID (Radio Frequency Identification): provides simple, low-energy, and versatile options for identity and access tokens, connection bootstrapping, and payments.
  • NFC (Near Field Communication): used for short-range communication.
  • Low-energy Bluetooth: used for wireless personal area networks.
  • Low-energy wireless: used for wireless communication.
  • Low-energy radio protocols: used for wireless communication.
  • LTE-A (Long-Term Evolution Advanced): used for wireless communication.

Supporting Technologies

  • Big Data: used to collect and store IoT data.
  • Cloud Computing: used to process and analyze IoT data.
  • Sensors: used to collect data from IoT devices.
  • Analytics Software: used to analyze IoT data.

RFID Technology

  • Employs 2-way radio transmission.
  • Used for identity and access tokens, connection bootstrapping, and payments.
  • Provides a simple, low-energy, and versatile option for IoT applications.

Test your knowledge of IoT enabling technologies and protocols with this quiz. Explore the key technologies such as RFID, NFC, low-energy Bluetooth, low-energy wireless, and LTE-A that support the specific networking functionality needed in IoT systems. See how these technologies differ from standard networking systems.

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