IO Psychology Chapter 9 Employee Motivation Test

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Which step in Maslow's needs hierarchy concerns the need for recognition and success?

Ego needs

What is the first step in Maslow's needs hierarchy concerning?

Survival needs for food, air, water, and the like

What does chronic self-esteem refer to?

The positive or negative way in which a person views himself or herself as a whole

Which step in Maslow's needs hierarchy concerns the need to realize one's potential?

Self-actualization needs

What is the extent to which a person views him or herself as a valuable and worthy individual called?


According to Equity Theory, what does 'outputs' refer to?

What employees get from their jobs

What is the central idea behind Expectancy Theory?

Motivation is a function of expectancy, instrumentality, and valence

What does the Two-factor Theory postulate according to Herzberg?

There are two factors involved in job satisfaction: hygiene factors and motivators

What does Intrinsic motivation refer to?

Work motivation in the absence of external factors such as pay, promotion, and coworkers

What is Organizational Justice theory postulates?

The theory that if employees perceive they are being treated fairly, they will be more likely to be satisfied with their jobs and motivated to do well

Test your knowledge of the coverage on Employee Motivation in Chapter 9 of Industrial and Organizational Psychology. Questions cover topics such as Maslow's needs hierarchy and basic biological needs.

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