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What is the primary use of foraminifera according to the text?

To map the ancient world and distribution of land and sea

Which of the following properties of the ancient environment can be inferred from foraminifera according to the passage?

The depth, salinity, and temperature of the seas

What key geological information can be obtained by studying foraminifera according to the passage?

The distribution of ancient continents and oceans

Which of the following is NOT a property of the ancient environment that can be determined from foraminifera according to the passage?

The pH of the water

What is the most likely reason that foraminifera can be used to study the ancient environment according to the passage?

Foraminifera have distinct environmental preferences

Which of the following is a function of registers in a computer system?

Storing intermediate calculation results

What is the primary function of the Control Unit (CU) in a computer system?

Checking the correctness of operation sequences

What is the role of the input unit in a computer system?

Receiving data from input devices

What function does the storage unit serve during data processing in a computer system?

Holding intermediate and final results

Which type of device is an example of an output unit in a computer system?


What are the essential steps a computer performs to complete any task?

Input, processing, storage, and output

Where are large volumes of data stored when a computer processes them?

Floppies and hard disks

Which field has NOT found applications for computers according to the text?


What type of information can registers hold in a computer system?

Intermediate calculation results

Which unit of a computer system interacts directly with the user to receive data or instructions?

Input Unit

Test your knowledge on invertebrate zoology and biology of invertebrates based on the books by Soliman, Gamil N. and Jan A. Pechenik.

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