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Who is known as the Father of Communism and wrote 'The Communist Manifesto'?

Karl Marx

Who is associated with the concept of Laissez-Faire economics and wrote 'Wealth of Nations'?

Adam Smith

Which inventor is credited with the invention of the steamboat?

Robert Fulton

Who proposed the idea that population tends to increase more rapidly than food supplies?

Thomas Malthus

Which economist introduced the 'iron law of wages', suggesting that an increase in population could lead to lower wages and poverty?

David Ricardo

Who is credited with perfecting the steam engine?

James Watt

Which individual invented the seed drill in 1701?

Jethro Tull

Who is associated with the idea of a Protectorate?

Adam Smith

Which economist introduced the concept of the 'iron law of wages'?

David Ricardo

Who is known for the theory that as population increases, more workers are available leading to lower wages and possible poverty?

Thomas Malthus

Test your knowledge on famous inventors and economic thinkers from history such as James Watt, Jethro Tull, Alexander Graham Bell, Karl Marx, and Adam Smith. Learn about their contributions to technology, agriculture, communication, and economic theories.

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