Introduction to Software & Software Engineering

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Software Development Life Cycle without Software Engineering focuses on meeting the actual requirements of the customer within stipulated ______ & time


Software is a computer program that, when executed, provides desired features, function, and ______


List of documentation & manuals include Formal Specification, Data Flow Diagram, Source Code Listings, and Test ______


Characteristics of Software include it is developed or engineered, and it does not ______ like hardware


Software Engineering is the establishment and use of sound engineering principles in order to obtain economical software that is reliable and works efficiently in ______


Software Engineering is the discipline of designing, creating, and maintaining ______


The Waterfall Model, Incremental Process Model, Prototyping Model, and Spiral Model are examples of software process ______


The Rapid Application Development Model (RAD) is a type of ______ based development


The Customer Myth, Management Myth, and Practitioner's/Developer Myth are examples of software ______


The discipline of Software Engineering follows a layered approach to ______


What are the characteristics of software development that differentiate it from hardware manufacturing?

Software is developed or engineered, and it does not 'wear-out' like hardware.

Explain the concept of the bathtub curve in the context of software failure.

The bathtub curve of hardware failure does not apply to software, as software failure does not 'wear-out' over time.

What are the different application domains of software mentioned in the text?

System Software, Application Software, Engineering/Scientific Software, Embedded Software, Product line Software, Web Application, and Artificial intelligence Software.

What are the key components included in the list of documentation and manuals for software engineering?

Formal Specification, Analysis/Specification, Context Diagram, Documentation Manuals, Data Flow Diagram, Design, Implementation, Testing, Flow Charts, ER Diagram, Source Code Listings, Cross-Reference Listings, Test Data, Test Results, User Manuals, System Overview, Beginner’s Guide, Tutorials, Reference Guide, Operational Manuals, Installation Guide, and System Administration Guide.

How does the establishment of software engineering principles contribute to software development?

The establishment and use of sound engineering principles help obtain economical, reliable, and efficient software.

What are the umbrella activities in software engineering?

Software project tracking, quality assurance, configuration management, and documentation development

Explain the Spiral Model in software process models.

The Spiral Model combines iterative and incremental development, allowing for risk management at each phase of the software project.

What is the purpose of Rapid Application Development (RAD) in software engineering?

Rapid Application Development (RAD) emphasizes iterative development and the use of prototypes to speed up the software development process.

How does the System Analyst contribute to the software development process?

The System Analyst designs the system based on the customer's requirements and ensures that it meets the business needs.

Why is the study of Software Engineering important?

Software Engineering is important for ensuring the development of reliable, efficient, and economical software that meets the needs of both customers and businesses.

Test your knowledge about software and software engineering, including topics like software characteristics, application domains, software process models, and software myths.

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