Introduction to Sociology

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Who coined the word 'sociology'?

Auguste Comte

What is the meaning of the word 'sociology'?

The study of society

Who is known as the father of Sociology?

Auguste Comte

Which sociologist defined sociology as 'the systematic study of society'?


According to Emile Durkheim, what is sociology?

The study of social institutions

Who defined sociology as 'the scientific study of social life'?

Ogburn and Nimkoff

Which schools of thought regarding the scope of Sociology are mentioned in the passage?

The Formalistic and Synthetic schools

According to the Synthetic school, what is the scope of Sociology?

Vast and general

Who are the supporters of the Synthetic school?

Ginsberg, Durkheim, Comte, Sorokin

What is sociology's purpose according to the passage?

To understand human action and consciousness

What is the subject matter of sociology according to the passage?

Diverse topics ranging from crime to religion to social stability

Explore the fundamental concepts and principles of sociology, which examines the scientific study of society and social interactions. The quiz provides an overview of how society and individuals are interconnected, and the impact of social interactions on everyday life.

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