Introduction to Law and Legal Systems in Business Law

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What is the term for a philosophy that holds certain rights are inherent by virtue of human nature and can be universally understood through human reason?

In the context of legal positivism, what does 'sovereign' refer to?

What is the term for the minimum level of ethical behavior expected by society, usually defined by the law?

What are statutes?

What is the term for a principle or rule established in a previous legal case that is binding or persuasive for subsequent cases?

Which term refers to a form of political organization where people with shared history, traditions, or language live under one government?

What are cases of first impression?

Which type of law provides individuals with rights and creates certain duties?

What is the function of an administrative agency?

What does the Federal Register publish?

What is the main source of law in a common law system?

What term refers to matters so minor that the law does not concern itself with them?


Test your knowledge on Chapter 1 - Introduction to Law and Legal Systems in the field of Business Law and the Legal Environment. Explore concepts such as law, nation-states, jurisprudence, and sovereignty.

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