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Which of the following is NOT considered a quality of good information?


What is the primary purpose of information technology according to the passage?

To produce, manipulate, store, and communicate information

Which of the following is NOT mentioned as an area where information technology affects our lives?


According to the passage, what is the relationship between computer technology and communications technology?

Information technology comprises both computer technology and communications technology

The passage states that $ ext{data}$ are _____.

Raw facts

How can individuals find job opportunities nowadays according to the text?

Via online platforms like Go Zambia Jobs

What is an example of a digital tool mentioned in the text that can be used to earn money?

Digital money services like PayPal and bitcoin

Which technology is NOT associated with the improvement of government services as per the text?

Traditional postal services

What is a way in which politicians are connecting with voters in new ways, as stated in the text?

Via social media platforms

In what aspect of life does the text highlight the use of similation and avatars?


Test your knowledge on fundamental IT concepts such as information, technology, qualities of good information, and the impact of information technology on our lives. Learn about processed data, clear and accurate information, and the significance of information technology.

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