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Which of the following best defines Information Technology (IT)?

The collection and processing of information using hardware, software, and networks

What distinguishes Information and Communication Technology (ICT) from Information Technology (IT)?

ICT involves transfer and use of all kinds of information, while IT encompasses the technologies used for information processing

How has ICT changed accessibility to information in the modern era?

Distance is no longer an issue for accessing information, as it is possible from any place with an internet connection and a computing device

What role does ICT play in the economy and society?

ICT is the foundation of economy and a driving force of social changes in the 21st century

What does IT encompass?

Hardware, software, and computer networks

What does ICT involve?

Transfer and use of all kinds of information

How has ICT affected accessibility to information?

Distance is no longer an issue for accessing information

What are two important concepts to perceive first in IT and ICT?

Data and Information

Test your knowledge of IT and ICT concepts with this quiz! Explore the fundamental technologies, including hardware, software, and computer networks, as well as the transfer and use of information that underpin the foundation of the economy and drive social change.

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