Introduction to International Organizations in World Politics - Part 1

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What is the main focus of the course 'Inleiding Internationale Organisaties IO’s in de Wereldpolitiek'?

According to the information provided, when is the hertentamen (resit exam) for the course scheduled?

How many chapters are there in the prescribed textbook 'Hurd, 4th Edition' for the course?

According to Dr. Niels van Willigen, what aspect of international politics cannot be understood without considering international organizations?

When is the tentamen (exam) for the course 'Inleiding Internationale Organisaties IO’s in de Wereldpolitiek' scheduled?

'Obligations, compliance and enforcement' is listed under which section of the course program?

Which of the following is NOT considered an International Governmental Organization (IGO) according to the text?

What is the main characteristic of an International Governmental Organization (IGO) as per the text?

Which organization was intended to exercise functions and rights that can only be explained based on international personality, according to the text?

What is the definition of an institution according to Heywood (2014)?

What distinguishes an International Governmental Organization (IGO) from other types of organizations?

What characterizes an International Governmental Organization (IGO) according to Karns, Mingst and Stiles (2015)?

What distinguishes an International Non-Governmental Organization (INGO) from an IGO?


Explore the fundamentals of international organizations (IOs) in the context of world politics, covering organizational aspects, the importance of studying IOs, international governmental and non-governmental organizations, international regimes, global governance, and obligations, compliance, and enforcement. This course provides a broad orientation to key issues, theories, approaches, and debates.

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