Introduction to International Organizations in World Politics: Part 1

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What is the focus of the course 'Inleiding Internationale Organisaties IO’s in de Wereldpolitiek, deel 1'?

The role of international organizations in global governance

According to Hurd (2021), why is it essential to think about international organizations in understanding international politics?

They are indispensable for understanding international politics

What is the date of the hertentamen (resit exam) for the course?

Friday 26 January 2024

How many articles are mentioned as part of the tentamenstof (exam material) for the course?


What is the specific focus of the course 'Inleiding Internationale Organisaties IO’s in de Wereldpolitiek, deel 1' on?

Theories and debates about the role of international organizations

What is the focus of the hoorcolleges (lectures) for the course 'Inleiding Internationale Organisaties IO’s in de Wereldpolitiek, deel 1'?

Organizational aspects of international organizations

Which of the following is considered an International Governmental Organization (IGO) according to the provided text?

World Bank

Which type of membership categorization is exemplified by the United Nations (UN), as per Heywood's classification?

Universal membership

According to Karns, Mingst and Stiles, how many states must be members of an IGO?

At least three states

Which organization's international personality and capacity to operate on an international plane are mentioned in the text?

United Nations

According to Heywood, what characterizes an International Non-Governmental Organization (INGO)?

Engages in activities in several states

Which organization exemplifies limited membership according to Heywood's categorization?

African Union

What characterizes International Governmental Organizations (IGOs) according to Karns, Mingst and Stiles?

Formal structure that implements and enforces rules

According to Heywood's categorization, which organization exemplifies alomvattend (comprehensive) competence?

United Nations (UN)

How many International Governmental Organizations (IGOs) are mentioned in the text?

Around 250 IGOs

What is the primary characteristic of International Non-Governmental Organizations (INGOs) based on the provided text?

Engagement in activities in several states

This quiz covers the introductory aspects of international organizations in world politics, including organizational aspects, the purpose of studying IOs, governmental and non-governmental organizations, international regimes, global governance, obligations, compliance, and enforcement. It provides a broad orientation on key issues, theories, approaches, and debates.

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