Introduction to Information Security History

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What major event led to the need for computer security during World War II?

Who was responsible for developing the ARPANET project in the 1960s?

What did Robert M. Metcalfe identify as a fundamental problem with ARPANET security in the 1970s?

What factor gave hackers easy access to ARPANET in the 1970s?

When was the document Security Controls for Computer Systems declassified and released?

What was the main innovation of the operating system MULTICS?

Who were the primary developers of the operating system MULTICS?

When did the general public gain access to the Internet?

What was the original purpose of the DEFCON conference in 1993?

Who are referred to as the 'white hats' in the context of information security?

What has made governments and companies more aware of the need to defend computerized control systems?

What is a major concern highlighted in the text regarding nation-states and information warfare?


Learn about the history of information security dating back to World War II and the development of computer security. Test your knowledge with a question on who cracked the Enigma machine.

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