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What is the difference between batch processes and continuous processes?

Batch processes can produce multiple products, while continuous processes produce only one product.

Which type of chemicals are produced in large quantities and immediately from their predecessor?

Commodity chemicals

What are some examples of basic inorganic chemicals?

Nitrogen and oxygen

What is the primary use of sulfuric acid in industrial chemistry?

Production of fertilizers and polymers

What do specialty chemicals typically have in common?

They are high-valued products produced in low quantities.

What is the main function of detergents in industrial chemistry?

To remove stain from paper

What is the main focus of fine chemicals?


What percentage of the global market is for specialty chemicals?


What does alkylation refer to?

Binding of alkyl group to various compounds

What is the purpose of size enlargement (agglomeration)?

To increase particle size

What refers to the physical treatment of materials to make them chemically more reactive or suitable for market?

Unit operations

What do chemical processes consist of?

At least one processing unit

What is the law that processes must follow with regard to mass and energy conservation?

Law of conservation of mass and energy

Which profession is in charge of large scale productions?

Chemical engineers

'Dehydrogenation' is an industry term that refers to which process?

Removal of hydrogen from a substance

What is the purpose of liquid-liquid (solvent extraction)?

Separation of liquids from inert liquids

Which type of polymerization involves the free radical polymerization?

Free radical polymerization and alkylation

Test your knowledge of the basics of industrial chemistry, including the transformation of raw materials into useful products, the concept of industry, manufacturing, and commodity chemicals.

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