Introduction to Epidemiology II L1: Key Concepts in Environmental Health

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What is disease?

An impairment of the normal state of an organism

How are diseases classified?

By body system affected and type of agent

What does ICD 10 stand for?

International Classification of Diseases 10

Under which group do terms like antiseptic, disinfection, and sterilization fall?

Group 1

What is the relationship between terms like carrier, reservoir, and vehicle?

They are synonyms for the same concept

What is the main purpose of epidemiology?

To search for causal relationships in health and illness

What is the importance of epidemiology for an Environmental Health Practitioner (EHP)?

To take preventive action/control for community health

Which term refers to a sudden increase in cases of a disease above what is normally expected in a population?


What do epidemiologists study to understand the spread of diseases?

Causal relationships in health and illness

Define the term 'health' as mentioned in the text.

A state of complete physical, mental, and social well-being

What does environmental health encompass?

Physical, chemical, and biological factors in the environment

What does 'health' mean in the context of environmental health?

Complete physical, mental, and social well-being

Who typically implements environmental health services?

Environmental Health Practitioners (EHPs)

What is the primary role of EHPs in implementing environmental health policies?

Encouraging environmentally friendly technologies and behaviors

What is the main focus of environmental health policies?

Monitoring and control activities

What do Environmental Health Services aim to do?

Improve environmental parameters and promote healthy technologies

What is the primary role of Environmental Health Practitioners (EHP’s)?

Identifying health risks in the environment

Which of the following areas is NOT typically dealt with by Environmental Health Practitioners (EHP’s)?

Telecommunications technology

What does the term 'sustainable development' refer to?

Long-term maintenance of wellbeing

Which components are included in Sustainable Development?

Social, Environment, Economic

What are some legal obligations related to Environmental Health Practitioners (EHP’s) course registration?

Meeting HPCSA Scope of practice requirements

Which of the following can be investigated by Epidemiologists?

Patterns and causes of diseases in populations

What is the main goal of public health?

Preventing disease and improving quality of life for society

Where does the term 'Epidemiology' come from?

Greek terms

What is the main focus of epidemiology?

Studying the health and illness of populations

What is the purpose of epidemiology as mentioned in the text?

To control health problems in populations

How is epidemiology related to public health?

Epidemiology serves as the foundation of public health research and interventions

Which term best describes the study conducted by epidemiologists?


This quiz covers key concepts in environmental health, including the definition of environmental health, scope of the profession, and requirements for the course. Topics also include the quality of life aspects related to human health and disease investigation.

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