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Which component of the computer system is responsible for performing arithmetic and logic operations?

Central processing unit (CPU)

What is the principal characteristic of a computer that allows it to be programmable?

Responds to a specific set

What category of hardware converts computer data input into electronic format?

Input Hardware

Which type of memory is used to store programs as sequences of instructions?

Random Access Memory (RAM)

What component of the hardware is responsible for interpreting instructions and managing I/O and storage devices?

Control unit

Which hardware component coverts electronic information into human intelligible form?


What is the primary function of secondary storage devices in a computer system?

Storing files and data for long-term use

What does peopleware refer to in the context of a computer system?

The human users who interact with the computer system

In Boolean operations, what is the result of XOR (exclusive or) for the inputs X=1 and Y=0?


What is the hexadecimal representation of the bit pattern 11011010?


How is the bit pattern 10101011 represented in hexadecimal notation?


What is the capacity of a typical memory cell in a computer's main memory?

8 bits

What does RAM stand for in the context of a computer's main memory?

Random Access Memory

What is the principal characteristic of bits inside today’s computers?

They are symbols with fixed meanings

What is the main purpose of Boolean operations?

To manipulate true/false values

What do patterns of bits sometimes represent in computer systems?

Various data types such as numeric values, characters, images, and sounds

How is information encoded inside today’s computers?

As patterns of 0s and 1s with meaning dependent on the application at hand

What is the distinctive characteristic of bits inside today’s computers?

They can represent various data types based on application requirements

Test your knowledge about computer system components such as hardware, software, and peopleware. Learn about the fundamental characteristics of a computer and its use in processing and storing data.

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