Introduction to Business Law and Legal Systems

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In which legal system is the law systematically codified into codes?

What is the main objective of Criminal law?

Which legal system is organised in continental Europe and adopted in most parts of the world?

What is the role of past case decisions by superior courts in common law?

What is the consequence in civil law if someone is injured by a reckless car driver who flouts traffic rules?

Which legal system involves a system of law concerned with the punishment of those who commit crimes that are harmful to society?

What is the term used for a person who brings a case against another in a court of law?

What is the classification of laws within the Civil Law System?

What is the primary function of law in business?

Which legal system does Singapore use?

What is one of the major characteristics of the Common Law System?

What is the source of case law in the Common Law System?

What important doctrine is associated with the Common Law System?

What do the rules of law in the Common Law System form?

What is the primary role of the principle of binding precedent or stare decisis in the Common Law System?


Learn about the definition of law, its role in business, and the different legal systems, with a focus on the Common Law System. Understand how law regulates commercial transactions and resolves disputes within the business context.

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