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What is the main difference between Web 2.0 and Web 3.0?

Web 2.0 emphasizes user-generated content while Web 3.0 focuses on the Web of linked data and knowledge.

What are some examples of mass self-communication mentioned in the text?

SMS, blogs, vlogs, podcasts

How is the Semantic Web (Web 3.0) defined?

As an extension of web standards focusing on linked data and knowledge

What is one of the main features of Web 2.0 described in the text?


How do peer-to-peer (p2p) networks impact content distribution according to the text?

They make the circulation, mixing, and reformatting of any digitized content possible.

What type of communication is included in the concept of Web 2.0?

Mass self-communication

What is the function of network protocols?

Enable the actual connection between network devices

Which governing body is responsible for the infrastructure layer of the Internet?

International engineering consortium

What do applications do in the context of the Internet?

Provide tools to make use of the network

Which Internet governance body is responsible for enforcing actual connections between devices?

National governments, private telecoms

What type of content can be shared on the Internet according to the text?

Music and films (p2p networks)

What is one way people can utilize the Internet for sharing content, as mentioned in the text?

Peer-to-peer services like DC++ and BitTorrent

What is the main focus of Chapter 3 in the text?

Understanding ethical arguments

Which chapter in the text delves into the intellectual property context of software?

Chapter 5

What is the foundation for all other knowledge units, especially Professional Ethics?

Social Context

Which technology has transformed society significantly over the past 75 years?

Computers and the Internet

Which aspect is NOT mentioned as a transformation brought about by Computers and the Internet?

Breakthroughs in agriculture

What do ethical theories and principles serve as in ethical analysis according to the text?

Viewpoints guiding ethical analysis

Test your knowledge about the role of the internet in shaping new communication realms and mediums as discussed by Castells. Explore concepts like horizontal networks of communication, internet governance bodies, and the impact on society.

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