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The ______ barked

The ______ meowed

Fiber optic cable: glass fiber carrying ______ pulses, each pulse a bit, characterized by highspeed operation with transmission rate 10-100 Gbps transmission rate and low error rate.

Twisted pair copper: two insulated copper wires to transmit data in ______ format.

Electro-magnetic radio waves: signal carried in electromagnetic spectrum without ______. Used in wireless LAN (WiFi) and wide-area (cellular).

Circuit switching: is a communication method where a dedicated communication path, or circuit, is established between two devices before data transmission begins. Packet switching: is a communication method where data is divided into smaller units called ______ and transmitted over the network.

Routing: Determines source-destination route taken by data packets using ______ algorithms.

Queue: collection of data packets collectively waiting to be transmitted by a network device using a per-defined structure ______.

Network Delay: occurs if the size of the queue is large, and each packet has to wait until its delivery in excessive network ______.

Packets Loss: occurs when the network discarded some packets because the queue reaches its maximum capacity and can’t accommodate any more ______.

Nodal processing: the time taken by the switch to read data packets header information (source, destination, and length L). Queueing: the waiting time of the packets in the ______.

Propagation: the time taken one bit to travel from one end of the wire to the other. It's proportional to the length of the wire. Throughput: rate (bits/time unit) at which bits transferred between ______/receiver.

What is the function of a packet switch?

What is the main purpose of an Internet Service Provider (ISP)?

What is the role of Frequency Division Multiplexing (FDM)?

What is the purpose of Local Area Network (LAN) or Ethernet?

What technology is used by Wide-area Wireless / cellular networks?

What is the characteristic of fiber optic cable?

What is the propagation time proportional to?

Which type of cable transmits data in electron format?

What does packet switching involve?

What causes Network Delay?

In circuit switching, what is established before data transmission begins?

What does spyware do?

What is the purpose of Distributed Denial of Service (DDoS)?

What is the characteristic of fiber optic cable?

What type of waves are used in wireless LAN (WiFi) and wide-area (cellular)?

What does nodal processing measure?


Test your knowledge of key definitions related to the internet and networking, including terms like Internet, packet switch, Internet Service Provider (ISP), and Protocol.

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