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What are the key areas of 'Low politics' issues in International Relations?

Economic, Social, Ecological, Technological

Which theory in International Relations emphasizes the belief in moral values, cosmopolitanism, progress, and peace?


What obstacles can hinder cooperation among states in International Relations?

Areas of no common interest, cheating, non-compliance by others

Which theory suggests that states are rational actors seeking to maximize their varied interests in an anarchic world order?


What is the main focus of the Democratic Peace Theory according to the text provided?

Avoiding wars due to democratic pressures

Which theory believes that states may shift loyalty and resources to institutions if they are mutually beneficial and fulfill state interests?

Complex Interdependence Theory

Which IR theory was significantly shaped by Robert Jervis?


What is a key feature of Neo-liberalism according to the text?

Promotion of free trade and globalisation

Which work is associated with Reinhold Niebuhr?

'Moral Man and Immoral Society'

What is the main focus of Liberal Approach to IR?

Co-operation, interdependence, and international institutions

Who is considered the pioneer in applying a system approach in International Relations?

Robert Kaplan

What concept characterizes Neo-realism as introduced by Kenneth Waltz?

Focus on power dynamics among nations

What is a key feature of the complex interdependence theory proposed by Robert Keohane and Joseph Nye?

Interstate, trans governmental, and transnational channels of interconnections

According to Immanuel Kant's 'Perpetual Peace' theory, what is a core principle for achieving peace?

Cooperation between states

Which theorist is associated with the 'Democratic Peace' concept?

Michael W. Doyle

What is a central point of difference between neo-realism and neo-liberalism in international relations?

Focus on absolute gains over relative gains

According to David Mitrany's functional integration theory, what is the primary mechanism for promoting cooperation among states?

International organizations

What characterizes the neo-neo debate between neo-realism and neo-liberalism regarding state behaviors in international relations?

'Zero Sum Game' belief dominates both theories

Test your knowledge on liberalism, realism, and idealism in the field of International Relations. Explore concepts such as low politics issues, moral values, liberal democracy, and globalisation.

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