Chapter2- Data Ethics and Handling (Hard)

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Which organization established the Guidelines and Protection laws for data processing?

When was the concept of information privacy as a fundamental right reaffirmed in the US?

Which principle of the GDPR states that personal data must be processed lawfully, fairly, and in a transparent manner?

Which country's privacy law combines a comprehensive regime of privacy protection with industry self-regulation?

Which of the following is NOT a core concept of data handling ethics?

Why is ethical data handling important for organizations?

What is the potential consequence of unethical data handling?

Why should data management professionals protect data even if it is not required by laws?

Which organization in Canada has the sole responsibility for handling privacy complaints against organizations?

What role does the Federal Privacy Commissioner in Canada fill?

What is the purpose of the Openness principle in Canada's privacy obligations?

Which principle states that personal information must be protected by security safeguards appropriate to its sensitivity?

Which of the following is NOT a data protection law mentioned in the text?

What is the primary reason for organizations to cultivate ethical principles for data handling?

What is the purpose of data handling ethics according to the text?

Why is it a dangerous assumption to think that following the letter of the law eliminates risks related to data handling?

Which of the following is NOT one of the emerging roles focused on controlling risk by establishing acceptable practices for data handling?

Which principle of bioethics requires that people be treated in a way that respects their dignity and autonomy as human individuals?

Which principle of bioethics requires ethical data and information practitioners to identify stakeholders and consider the outcomes of data processing in order to maximize benefit and minimize risk of harm?

Which principle of bioethics considers the fair and equitable treatment of people and asks questions about unequal treatment and disproportionate effects?

Which of the following is NOT a topic covered in the initiatives and programs designed to inform ethical behaviors online in the United States?

What are some methods that can be used to misrepresent facts using data?

What is one unethical data handling practice mentioned in the text?

What is the purpose of ethical data handling?

Which of the following is considered unethical when presenting information?

What is the term for a phenomenon in data mining where exhaustive correlations are performed on a data set, leading to statistically significant-looking results that are actually random?

In what sectors is overfitting common?

What does bias refer to?

Why is it important to provide context that informs the meaning of information?

What can happen if exhaustive correlations are performed on a data set?


Test your knowledge on international data transfer laws and organizational policies with this quiz. Learn about the legal restrictions and guidelines that govern the movement of data across borders and within multinational organizations.

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